Embroidery Kit - Animation #4


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With Hoop
If you love DIY crafts and want to decorate your home with your own creations, you definitely need to try Embroidery. This is both leisure and creative activity which has many meaningful things within. During embroidering, you can feel very relaxed, soothed and very Zen, but also have a good time with your loved ones! 🎁🎁


  • ALL-IN-ONE KIT: This hand-embroidered kit is all you need to start a project as it includes everything. When you have the set, you can start right away to create beautiful artworks.
  • GREAT FOR BEGINNERS: The design and pattern is pre-made and basic stitches instructions are attached in the set. It makes easier for beginners and even the old professionals who seek for more designs. You can also search on YouTube for tutorials. When you finish this whole work, I believe you will be surprised at your ability to accomplish such a beautiful thing. Just give yourself a round of applause as you are so great.

  • HAVE QUALITY TIME TOGETHER: You and your family members/ friends can gather and enjoy creating colorful works of art and have fun together. It is also perfect for travel as you can carry it along anywhere.
  • A GREAT GIFT: This is ideal for both Adults and Kids, for those who want to try something by their own or receive something handmade for them only. You can create your own collection and apply to many things, such as clothing, art décor, wall hangings rugs, pillows and much more than you can imagine. It’s the perfect present for birthday, holidays, mother's day and more! Mother's day is coming, show your love for her.

We would love to see your progress as you stitch and your finished result! Please share your journey with us. Notes: Please do not get wet until you have finished the work, only after you have finished the cross-stitch, as the colored patterns and mesh lines on the cross-stitch fabric are easy to wash off. Because of the use of water-soluble printing dyes.


1 x Embroidered Fabric with Printed Pattern

1 x Thread

1 x Instruction

2 x Needles 

Not included Bamboo Hoop 7.87"X7.87" (20cmX20cm)

**Pleasee note: Due to high demand and staff level, the shipping times may vary from 2-4 weeksThank you for understanding.


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