Update of Art+Leisure on Charity work in April

Update of Art+Leisure on Charity work in April


We would like to update you on our ongoing donation project. As you have known, Covid-19 is one of the biggest issues in our globe recently. Especially for vulnerable targets like children, this pandemic pushes their lives on danger. That's why the project that we are focusing on right now is working with UNICEF on donating to "Protect Children from Coronavirus" (Unicef.ca, Apr 2020).

Below is the whole information quoted from Unicef.ca website.

"UNICEF is working with the WHO and local governments to respond to the coronavirus outbreak by:

  • Providing critical hygiene and medical supplies, like N95 respirators, surgical masks, gloves, gowns and goggles,
  • Leading education and engagement activities in at-risk communities, including in congested camps supporting Rohingya, Syrian, Sudanese and Venezuelan children who are especially at risk,
  • Ensuring that children and pregnant or lactating women are supported with adequate healthcare,
  • Facilitating continued access to education, and
  • Providing psychosocial support to those living in communities where schools have been closed or quarantined."

Thank you for being with us in Sharing - Giving - Receiving. Whenever you make the purchase, you join us in changing our Home positively. And we believe whenever we make a good work, it will return to us in multiplied times.

Be safe and all the best for you!

Art+Leisure Management Team

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