5 Tips to use punch needle in right way

5 Tips to use punch needle in right way

After preparing needle threading, you can jump on punching and create your art works. Follow 5 steps and notes below to make the work easier for you.

1. Check your punch needle and adjust to D-gear to punch, which is the tightest level. Leave the thread 1.18" - 1.97" (3-5cm) long out of the tip of the needle. 


2. Punch small color blocks first, then large color blocks. In this video below, the artist used non-adjustable needle which required more skills. That's why we recommend to beginners to start with adjustable one to make it easier.

3. The oblique side of the needle is forward, and the needle is pressed hard until the needle sticks to the cloth surface. Lift the needle up gently, don't leave the cloth too high. 

4. Regarding distance of punch: pattern less than 1.97" (5cm) in length with 2 holes, 3-4 holes in normal pattern and 4-5 holes in background color. Not too short.

5. The bottom pattern on the cloth is heat dissipation, which can be eliminated by blowing hot air with a hair dryer. It is forbidden to put it at too high temperature before finished. 

If you have more questions, we have articles for more instructions or you can contact our customer service by email. 

Looking forward to your finished products! Don't forget to share your creations. Have a good time!


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